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2014 Capital Women's Soccer Schedule

2014 Capital Women's Soccer Schedule

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/21 vs. Marietta

Yesterday we took the 2 hour drive out to Marietta to play in our 6th conference game. As soon as we got there the bad weather started to come down on us. The field was already muddy and slick and the consistent rain made it even more challenging. Despite the clear negatives of the weather and the beaten down field our Crusaders came out strong and determined to make a statement. The team worked well together and transitioned quickly creating a ton of scoring opportunities! In the first half alone we had 14 shots on goal resulting in 3 goals! The first was a cross from Amanda Kachaylo which was run down by Chloe Brown who placed it far post! Only four minutes later we scored again when Maura Fortino slotted the ball across the box where Amanda Kachaylo got on the end of it and finished! Then again 5 minutes later Becca Cartmill struck the ball towards goal, the goalie deflected it and Becca, who didn't give up on the shot, followed up and hit it into the goal! Her tenacity and efforts from the team left us up 3-0 at the half.

Going into the second half the girls were pumped from our success in the first half. They came out fierce and quickly began to attack creating more scoring opportunities. Five minutes into the second half Maura Fortino, once again, crossed the ball through the box to Amanda Kachaylo who placed it in the lower far corner! After the momentum of a quick goal the girls won the ball back. Claire Quinn took a shot from outside the box that hit the cross bar and bounced back into the box, Maura Fortino quickly saw the ball coming back out and sprinted to finish! 10 minutes later we gained a corner kick which was struck nicely by Claire Quinn. The ball was greeted by Mariah Richards at the near post who jumped up and headed it down and into the box! 9 minutes after that Monique Hanayik dribbled the ball down the field, took it to the end line and slotted it back towards Shelby Johnson who was making her way to goal. Shelby placed the ball one time past the keeper for our final goal of the game!

The Crusaders moved the ball quickly and fought hard for every 50/50 chance and we really used this game as an opportunity to get better and gain confidence in our attack. We had great efforts individually and as a group which is why we were able to create and finish so many opportunities! We are excited to face John Carroll this Saturday at 6pm at their field! Preparation and determination are key the next few days as we prepare for our next opportunity for greatness!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Weekend

This past weekend the girls had fall break and along with that they were given a break from soccer as well. The pressures of school, soccer, social lives, and family were weighing heavily on our athletes and it was obvious they were ready for a day or two off and that's exactly what they got. On Friday, with classes cancelled, a group of players went the The Maize as bonding time and an opportunity to have some fun. The day was fantastic for hay rides, pumpkin patches, mazes, and campfires. It was a wonderful time and everyone truly enjoyed themselves!

 Saturday at Bernlohr Stadium we faced Ohio Northern with a kick off of 11am. The game started out smooth as we possessed the ball and moved it around purposefully. Unfortunately however, after a string of mistakes on our end Ohio Northern scored just 11 minutes into play. The rest of the half became a battle for possession and for control of the game.

In the second half our Crusaders came out fierce, took control and dominated the play. They kept the ball in our offensive half the rest of the game and had countless attempts at goal. We had 18 shots on goal but they all fell short of scoring. Even though we kept the ball, created chances, and fought for every opportunity to score we were unable to finish. The game ended in a loss 0-1. Even though the outcome was unfavorable, we were able to see points and areas that need to be addressed and everyday we can work to get better in those specific areas. We are preparing for our next match tomorrow against Marietta. Kick off is at 4pm at the Marietta Soccer Complex.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/11 vs Otterbein

This past Saturday we went to Westerville to face our conference rival Otterbein. There was electric energy in the air as we took the field for our third conference match. In the first half both teams struggled to gain possession and it was difficult for us to transition into the offensive third. Our defense held strong however and the half ended scoreless.

Going into the second half it was clear that the game had turned to a physical battle as both teams eagerly attempted to create scoring opportunities. Our offense created a few scoring chances but came up short despite creative efforts from Becca Cartmill and Shelby Johnson. Our defense was solid and held off the Otterbein attack with Chloe Brown clearing a shot off the line and Kim Leitch saving everything that came her way. After 90 minutes of play the game was still scoreless so we went into 2 overtimes playing a total of 110 minutes. We ended in a tie 0-0 against our rivals leaving us 2-0-1 in the conference. Exceptional play by Kaitlyn Semelsberger in the back to keep things organized and she fought hard the entire 110 minutes.

Although we would have liked a win, it is always hard going on the road to play a rival and we fought hard through the long match. We have areas to work through and we will work hard the next couple days before we play against Wilmington on Wednesday at home at 4pm! See you there!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/7 vs. Muskingum

Our second conference opponent was Muskingum and we faced them at their place last night at 7pm. The beginning of the half we came out strong, possessed the ball, passed and moved quickly giving us control of the game. Although we were in control we struggled to get solid scoring opportunities but in the 33 minute Maura Fortino got control of the ball and rocketed it towards goal. The ball hit off of a Muskingum defender and found its place in the side of the net. The half ended with the Crusaders winning 1-0.

The second half the team rallied together and decided to come out strong and within a minute of the half we scored. Mary Bushee made a run up the sideline from her defensive position, won the ball, beat a defender and struck the ball upper 90. Her efforts left us up 2-0 just minutes into the second half. Despite our efforts we were unsuccessful in getting any more goals. We managed the game, continued to attack, but ultimately could not advance. We won the game 2-0 making it our second conference win along with our fourth win in a row.

This Saturday we take on Otterbein in a rival game against our third conference opponent. We play away with a kick off at 1pm. We are excited for the opportunity of a winning streak of 5 games. Our preparation and focus are key this week as we plan for our next battle! Go Crusaders!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Red Card Cancer Game

On Saturday we had our Red Card Cancer game that raised money for the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center research and treatment program. Our opponent was Mt. Union and they joined us in the fight against cancer and helped us raise funds! We came together for a greater cause and raised over $1,400! We sold t-shirts and accepted donations for wristbands and both sets of fans were very generous in helping us reach our goals!

Each team had honorary captains who were either cancer survivors or cancer fighters and they were recognized for their courage in fighting such an intimidating and life altering sickness. They participated in the coin toss and were able to sit on the bench and cheer on their teams!

As we started the game both teams came out strong but soon we took possession of the ball and started to work the game around creating chances. Half way through the first half, at the 23rd minute, Amanda Kachaylo took her dribble towards the 18 box and hit a lofted shot that went over the keepers head! This effort left us up 1-0 at the end of the first half!

At the start of the second half, Capital took charge and aggressively went on the offensive creating a scoring opportunity only 57 seconds later! Becca Cartmill had the ball outside the 18 and passed it into the box to Maura Fortino who finished low in the corner! 14 minutes later Amanda Kachaylo once again took the ball towards the goal and played the ball past the keeper! The game ended with the Crusaders ahead 3-0 in our first conference game of the year!

This game was a great confidence booster and really showed the potential of our team! We fought hard, played smart, and there was an immense amount of effort from everyone who stepped on the field! Today we take on Muskingum at their place at 7pm! Wish us luck as we take on our second conference opponent of the year!